Walt leverages his 25 years of working with cultural institutions on building projects to guide alignment of the vision of their leadership with meaningful outcomes.  His approach is to create sustainable solutions recognizing that great planning must enhance an institution’s capacity by working within their fiscal capacity.

“Walt brings deep expertise to our process of predesign and design for a new Burke Museum. His knowledge is critical for us to understand the predesign phase and prepare the correct data for design success. He is especially helpful in engaging staff, and through his obvious experience assists in our prioritization of the Burke’s needs today and into the future. He is extraordinary in building confidence among our team and enhancing communication with the architects at both the University and the private sector, and enables us to succeed with our vision for the future.”

Dr. Julie Stein
Director, Burke Museum

About Walt

Walt Crimm’s work with cultural institutions is informed by his personal passion as a cultural consumer.  He practiced as an architect for most of his career leading large teams on projects for some of the most important museums, archives and cultural destinations.  His focus on planning over the past 10 years is informed by his deep understanding of the opportunities and limitations of buildings, and how to plan for flexibility and change.