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Atlanta History Center

  • Expansion and Renovations
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • 2011 - 2013


A series of uninspired additions did not present the Center as a vibrant institution to the street, or to patrons who visited.  The interior was a series of architecturally difficult decision points, with little clear hierarchy allowing intuitive movement.  An international competition sought to visually rebrand the museum, from the outside and inside, as a fresh, easily navigated experience for all Atlantans.


The design was based on images of Atlanta as a transportation hub – connected elements with pathways that linked exhibits on several levels, visitor amenities, event spaces and the education center.  Based on these concepts, the building reached into the landscape, scaling the arrival into a landscaped and walled forecourt, bringing visitors to the front door.  Continuing this expression of movement, the design emphasized links between the program areas, simplifying both  way-finding and connections.


The Museum elected not to continue as funding reductions did not make the plan feasible at this time.

Led by Walt Crimm while at Pfeiffer Partners Architects