Hoppin Rendering

Brooklyn Museum

  • Expansion & Renovations
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 2006- 2009


The Brooklyn Museum is encyclopedic and in a landmark McKim Mead and White structure in Prospect Park.  The Museum has been short on space for many years, a situation made worse by installation of new building systems taking ever more space from critical museum functions.  The need for support spaces started as a re-planning effort that led to a major underground expansion.


By examining needs of peers and understanding the space the museum would need to support new exhibitions, programs and earned revenue goals, the only possible solution became an addition of 2 floors of space for curatorial and support staff to be built within a berm.  Extensive historical research into the original intent of the architects led to an understanding of the plinth that was never completed around the building which became the justification with NY Landmarks Commission for the addition of a berm with the building below.


The project developed into gutting the first floor of the museum and adding 30,000 SF of space that is invisible from the street all without closing or disrupting ongoing operations.  The improved space has allowed additional projects to open new public spaces for exhibitions, retail and a café, improving the visitor experience and capacity of the museum to draw audiences with their innovative programming.

Led by Walt Crimm while Director of the EwingCole Cultural Practice