history colorado

History Colorado

  • New Colorado State Museum
  • Denver, Colorado
  • 2010 - 2011


The expansion of the State Supreme Court allowed History Colorado to undertake and build a new museum.  Within a short time frame, the Museum had to plan and open a new building several blocks from a building that had not successfully supported the museum in years.


Walt Crimm provided project functional review in an ongoing series of meetings and workshops with Museum leadership and the Tryba Architects.  Through ongoing reviews, specific recommendations were made for visitor wayfinding in public areas, lighting strategies in galleries and detailed collections access and storage layouts.


The History Center opened in 2011 to excellent reviews and a new chapter with better public spaces, galleries and support areas.  These successes allowed the Center to leverage resources and with Walt’s support, plan, build and consolidate all collections into an improved offsite facility that had served as the temporary staging center during construction of the new building.