Liberty Science Center

  • Expansion & Renovations
  • Jersey City, NJ
  • 2006 - 2008


The theme ‘Reinventing Science’ guided the planning and design process.  As a heavily – visited destination, the small lobby, poor amenities, difficult way finding, lack of revenue generating spaces and  inadequate exhibits and learning center did not support the visitor experience, learning outcomes and fiscal goals.


Due to a compressed schedule that required construction to begin within 12 months, planning was progressive:

Visitor experiences and movement   Building blocking and layout  Right sizing spaces for needs  Detailed space needs planning.  By taking this layered approach based on the teams experience with informal science learning, the rest of the design team could proceed by moving from big picture to details so that the project began construction within budget and timeframe dictated by a State appropriation.


Through collaboration with multiple stakeholder groups, priorities were set and the design evolved to bring clarity and intuitive way-finding to the visitor experience. The nine major new exhibits (each with a separate exhibit designer) cover a broad range of themes. The success of the Center as a place of innovation is matched by the results and the increased capacity to serve audiences of the NY/CT/NJ region with informal hands-on learning.

Walt Crimm, Principal/Planner, EwingCole