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National Medal of Honor Museum

  • New Institution on the Charleston Waterfront
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • 2016


There is no museum to honor Medal of Honor winners or to showcase the Civilian Honors program created by their foundation to honor similar acts of courage by civilians.  The NMOHM will provide space to tell the stories and provide role models for visitors Рhighlighting the moment ordinary men and women did extraordinary things.



Walt Crimm was hired to develop the program for the museum by working with museum leadership, Hop Properties the owner’s representative, Moshe Safdie Architects, Gallagher Associates who were designing exhibits and History Associates who were doing the research and developing the storyline.

With everyone involved, the dynamic helped inform a model to draw the audiences who visit Charleston and the significant presence of active and retired military who live there.

Integrating the opportunities for significant earned revenue, as well as the panoramic views, the program developed ideas for how to welcome audiences who have come to experience the stories as well as the convention/event business that would support the Center’s activities.


By programming the museum with the entire design team present, the dynamic helped to identify how to organize a mutually exclusive set of uses on a site bounded by water on 3 sides.

Design and fundraising continue with the goal of opening in 2018.