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Science Museum of Virginia

  • Master Plan and Phased Project Implementation
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • 2011 - Present


The historic landmark Broad Street Station is a powerful architectural setting for the Science Museum of Virginia, and also a challenging set of (inflexible) spaces to make into a science learning experience.  The Master Plan focused on making better use of existing space, developing 7 major exhibit galleries, creating a clear visitor pathway through the building, making new outdoor experiences while generating significant new sources of revenue (event, shop and café).


Using the Strategic Plan as a foundation, by working with Museum leadership and key staff, priorities for new learning experiences and earned income opportunities were identified.   By mapping the existing building with a focus on a range of metrics (clarity of wayfinding, historic fabric, access, level of investment, ease of change, etc.), new patterns of possibility emerged and were discussed with the goal of maximizing change with minimal interventions.


The plan consolidated public spaces onto 2 primary exhibit floors, carving new exhibit spaces from underutilized areas by moving ‘inexpensive’ support areas to the top floor.  The plan identified 6 independent phases for implementation and images of key project elements were developed and coordinated with the exhibit designer.  The first 2 phases are now in design:  the exhibit ‘Speed’ and the addition of 16,000 SF Event/Blockbuster Exhibition space.

Master Plan:  While Principal at Pfeiffer Partners

Implementation of Phase 1 & 2:  Walt Crimm Associates with BCWH and Pfeiffer Partners