Franklin Heart

The Franklin Institute

  • Phased Renovations and Restoration
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 2003- 2008


Most of the Franklin Institute experience was over 50 years old and the historic structure was challenging how to create a better visitor experience and improve capacity for the museum to welcome more visitors, host blockbuster exhibits, large events while caring for their collections.


Working with the Leadership team, key programmatic and exhibit goals were identified to guide the team.  Planning engaged staff to clarify needs and consider how to make spaces within the historic structure more flexible to accommodate not only total renovation, but future changes.


Through planning, the total renewal of the facility over 9 phased projects was identified and budgeted.  Each project carefully considered how to overlap with infrastructure zones to minimize disruption to ongoing operations.  Hough the building is multi-level, no space once renewed was impacted by subsequent phases.  The 5 year effort was completed on-time and under budget and new capacity has placed the Institute on a more sound fiscal footing.

Walt Crimm, Principal/Planner, EwingCole