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University of Iowa Museum of Art

  • New Museum
  • Iowa City, Iowa
  • Current


The UI museum was destroyed by floods in 2005, but fortunately staff were able to move the amazing collection above the flood waters including seminal works given to the Museum by Peggy Guggenheim.

With it’s collection currently travelling the world, the long nomadic existence is coming to an end as a new building is in design.  The new building, close to the campus core will provide an entirely new venue bringing art experiences in a more accessible environment.

Working with BNIM’s Des Moines office, Walt Crimm is providing program and design support services to ensure best practice for university museums are integrated into the program and design process:  from the entrance to the collections storage areas.



The original program was used as a foundation that was customized to the evolving needs of a university museum:  better access,  easy transformation, more co-curation as well as designing the museum as a welcoming environment for students “to hang out with the art”.  Museum staff, the design team and University Facilities staff were involved in highly interactive work sessions to challenge each other’s preconceived thinking and notions of what makes a great interaction with art.


This is a design in progress:  but the outcomes to date are confidence that this will be an innovative platform to present amazing collections and new works.